World Record Holder Sings the National Team Trainer’s World Champion Song

7. February 2012 at 11:12

Tom André Fossen


The official World Championship song for the World Championships in Skiflying in Vikersund on February 23rd-26th has been released. The lyrics were written by Norway’s national team trainer, Alexander Stöckl, while Johan Remen Evensen sings.

The melody is composed by Joern Atle Stoea from Hoenefoss and premieres now, while it is Norway’s own national team trainer, Alexander Stöckl who has composed the lyrics. Stöckl, who is experiencing great success with the Norwegian jumpers, has also experienced success on the music front previously. The Austrian has previously composed a song with which the Austrian Idol-participant won the music competition. Stöckl is also the front figure in an a capella band, Harry and the Nicknames.

Joern Atle Stoea received the lyrics for the song, Flying into the Future, in a text message. “Right before Christmas dinner, the text came via SMS from Alex,” tells Stoea. He hopes that the song will create a great atmosphere among the spectators at the World Championship hill on February 23rd-26th.

But it isn’t just the trainer that represents the national team in the World Championship song. The world record holder, Johan Remen Evensen, can be heard towards the end of the song, where he sings portions of the lyrics. In the music video, several historic jumps from Vikersund are shown, with, among others, Ole Gunnar Fidjestoel, Andreas Goldberger, Bjoern Wirkola, Anders Jacobsen, and the whole video begins with Arne Scheie’s legendary ecstatic roar when Johan Remen Evensen sat world record number two on the same evening.

The World Championship song, “Flying into the Future” can be downloaded from Itunes here. The whole video is located on NRK’s webpages:

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