Took the Maiden Voyage

Construction leader, Bjoern Espen Hovde and board president of the Vikersund Ski-Jumping Foundation, Per Willy Holseter took the maiden voyage in the new lift at the arena on Friday.

Right after 13:00, it was 2 excited men who boarded the lift for the first time. The ink had barely dried on the operation certificate from the cable car authority; that’s how longed-for the lift at the arena has been.

Last hill out

“We were the first of the world’s five skiflying hills with floodlighting, but eh last to install a lift. It was about time,” said Holseter to Bygdeposten.
The lift has a capacity to freight 405 people an hour, and cost over NOK 14 million and will be used by the jumpers during the World Championships in Skiflying in less than 3 weeks.

Uses 6 minutes to the top

It takes just over 6 minutes to be freighted the 523 meters to the top and the difference in height is 179 meters. From the top station, it is only a stone’s throw to walk to the top of the world’s largest hill. The plan is to use the lift to freight tourists to the top in the summer, and skiers will use the tracks on the hill next winter.

Source: Bygdeposten

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