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Photo: Hans Kristian Olsen

Photo: Hans Kristian Olsen









Foto: Marius Dalseg Sætre

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Open All of July
The world’s largest ski-flying hill is open top to bottom every day in July. You can drive to the top. You can drive to the top all of July, or [...]
World Cup in Vikersund – in Telemark!
For the very first time, the World Cup in Telemark will be held at a ski-flying hill. This will, of course, happen in Vikersund. Telemark landings will have extra meaning [...]
Foto: Børre Eirik Helgerud
The Dates for the Next Competition are Decided
Next year, three of the most prestigious ski-jumping competitions are in a row. Vikersund opens the ball. The ski-jumping committee in the International Ski Federation (FIS) was gathered last weekend [...]
Foto: Børre Helgerud
Take a trip to the top of the world's largest ski-jump.
We have registered that many take the trip up to the top of the world’s largest ski-jump. We have, therefore, set up a postbox at the Wing with a book [...]
Weekend of the Roberts in Vikersund
The weekend started with 219 meters by test-jumper, Robert Johansson, and ended up with last year’s world champion, Robert Kranjec, kissing the hill after yet another win in Vikersund. After [...]
Seierpallen under søndagens renn. Fra venstre: Michael Neumayer, Robert Kranjec og Gregor Schlierenzauer. Foto: Marte Stensrud
Kranjec Showed Class
The world champion from 2012 flew the farthest also this year.
Anders Jacobsen and Alexander Stöckl Visited the Youngest Ski-Jumping Seedlings
VIDEO: Seven-year old William Fidjestoel got to meet one of his ski-jumping heros Sunday, Anders Jacobsen. He got to show off his ski-jumping qualities and ask him some well-chosen questions.
Topp 3
See Our Photografers' Photos!
Here you can see our accomplished photographers' pictures from the World Cup weekend.
Children's Ski-Day
Sunday is the big family-day here in Vikersund. An activity tent is set up by the stage, where they can get their faces painted, participate in a ski-quiz, and try [...]
"Dirty dancing-Lift"--How Difficult Is It Really?
VIDEO: How difficult is it to lift people up in real "Dirty dancing-style"? The jumpers do this all the time, but how are the lifting capabilities at the outrun at Vikersundbakken?
Six at the Outrun
We took a round among the freezing people, but managed to find lively spectators and asked them what they thought would be the day's longest jump.
All the Norwegians Go Through--Super-Jump by Tepes
Jurij Tepes jumped 237 meters in the qualifying round.
Alexander Stöckl: Today's Competition
VIDEO: Norway's national coach in ski-jumping, Alexander Stöckl, looks forward to today's World Cup compeition at Vikersundbakken. He thinks that the conditions are good, and that there can be long jumps in today's World Cup competition.
Qualifying has Started
The qualifying round for today's competition has started. The ten best from yesterday's competition are pre-qualified.